15km of golden beach to enjoy your carefree vacation

Jesolo, a plunge into the fun  

Whether with family, couples or friends, Jesolo’s beach is ready to welcome you! The long coastline of fine sand and the blue sea will conquer you, for a vacation full of excitement.
Since 2004, Jesolo has been awarded the Blue Flag, a prestigious recognition for the environmental quality of its beaches, for the very high standards of lifeguard services, accessibility, and selective waste disposal.

At the beach with your dog. There are three dog-friendly beaches in Jesolo: 

  • the Bau Bau Beach Establishment is the first in Jesolo with spaces and services tailored to animals and the only area where your four-legged friend can swim in the sea;  
  • in the Faro area, along the bank of the mouth of the river Sile; 
  • at the mouth of the Piave River, at the height of via Dragan; 
  • For detailed information, read here.


Arenile Jesolo Ponente
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 92324

Stabilimento Mascagni
Tel: 327 4585254


Stabilimento Stella Marina
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 331 1075994

Stabilimento EuroBeach
Tel: 331 8465057

Consorzio Aurora
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 331 8319221


Consorzio Lido dei Lombardi
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 351 4170628

Stabilimento Mazzini
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 348 5701763


CasaBianca Beach Club

Link: clicca qui
Tel: 351 4040964

Ex Stabilimento Augustus
Ex Stabilimento Bafile
Ex Stabilimento Casa Bianca


Arenile Pioppi
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 93106

Consorzio Venezia
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 92324

Stabilimento Trieste
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 393 9225122


Stabilimento Marconi
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 92324


Stabilimento Manzoni
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 329 3889486


Stabilimento Nemo Beach
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 348 5517714

Stabilimento Bau Bau Beach
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 348 5517714

Stabilimento Oro Beach
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 93388

UMG 10

Consorzio Milano
Link: clicca qui

Jesolo Est

UMG 11

Lido Sole Mare
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 328 8594673

Lido Mare
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 388 8114443

Torino Uno
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 347 4585365

UMG 12

Tel: 0421 961068

Green Beach
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 961248

Pineta 4
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 92324

Camping Malibù Beach
Tel: 0421 362212

UMG 13

Riviera Levante
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 335 6054540

UMG 14

Relax Beach
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 338 8516956

Nuova Pineta 2
Link: clicca qui
Tel: 0421 92324

Link: clicca qui
Tel: 366 1776493

Pineta 2000
Tel: 328 9194599

UMG 15

Tel: 0421 980186

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The ports of Jesolo  

Porto turistico di Jesolo - Marina Resort 
It’s Jesolo most important landing place, a facility that positions itself as one of the most modern and well-equipped on the Venetian Riviera, ideally located because it is not far from the lagoon and in a few minutes by bycicle from the center of Jesolo. The port provides 650 berths for its guests and offers several exclusive services. 
Marina di Cortellazzo  
The port was build on the west bank of the Piave River, in the heart of Jesolo’s Pineta, about a kilometer from the sea entrance and just a few minutes from the charming Laguna del Mort. The facility is part of a splendid tourist village and has a larged dock equipped to accomodate boats up to 15 meters in length. A few meters from the dock you can find seafood restaurants, pizzerias, supermarket and stores, to experience a totally relaxing vacation.   
Michelangelo Yachting Club – Touristic Harbour Michelangelo 
Residence Michelangelo Yachting Club is located just a few steps from Jesolo Beach and 45 minutes from Venice, in the quiet location given by the private marina. Its special location, on the edge of the Pineta and overlooking the mouth of the river, guarantess exclusivity and quiet for its guests. Port Michelangelo offerts its guests 30 berths from 6 to 25 meters, with English mooring: the boats are positioned horizontally with respect to the pier, thus providing more space and privacy. Each berth has water and electricity connections.  
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