Concerto spettacolo “Non ti scordar di me”

Concerto spettacolo “Non ti scordar di me”

Piazza Milano, h 21.15

Dal 24/07/22 al 24/07/22

Location: Jesolo

Arias, Parlor Romances & A Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini

On Sunday, 24 July, Piazza Milano will host a concert performance of “Non ti scordar di me”.

The concert, with I Virtuosi di Aquileia, is a tribute to Pierpaolo Pasolini one hundred years after his birth.
The program includes a song written by Pasolini and set to music by Domenico Modugno, “a gem from the anthology film “Capriccio all’italiana, and a reading in Friulian of some short poems from the collection “Poesie a Casarsa”.

Guadalupe Guillen Utrilla (soprano), Willeit Sabina (mezzo-soprano), JaeCheol Moon (tenor), Neven Stipanov (baritone) and actor Werner Di Donato are performing. Bettina Carniato introduces the show.

Alfredo Barchi – Director

Loretta Del Zotto – Project Coordinator

The show starts at 9:15 p.m.





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