La cultura dell’incontro

La cultura dell’incontro

In mostra i grandi racconti figurati di Jacopo Bassano.

Dal 28/05/21 al 15/07/21

Location: Kursaal

The painted stories, parables on canvas, and great figurative tales by Jacopo Bassano (c.1510 -1592) and his successful and productive workshop are at the center of the unique exhibition to be held at the Kursaal in Jesolo from 28 May to 15 July: The Art of the Encounter.

The exhibition brings together seven of Bassano’s significant paintings, alongside important, well-known works from Belluno’s Civic Museums and Rovigo’s Accademia dei Concordi. There are also four beautiful previously unseen works from different private collections, a true discovery for the public and an exciting opportunity for scholars.
To complete the itinerary is a selection of twenty engravings based on Bassano’s works and carried out by noteworthy Italian and European artists.

Exhibition curated by Mario Guderzo and promoted by the Municipality of Jesolo and the Monsignor Giovanni Marcato Cultural Association

Exhibition Dates
28 May 2021 to 15 July 2021

Reservations Tel. 388 7577758
Free entry

Daily from 6 to 10:00 pm





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