Prosciutto Veneto DOP in tour

Prosciutto Veneto DOP in tour


Dal 29/07/21 al 31/07/21

Location: Piazza Drago

The DPO Veneto Ham tour will be making a stop in Piazza Drago in Jesolo from July 29 to 31, 2021. Three days dedicated to getting to know and tasting this delicacy. Veneto ham, still processed today according to ancient techniques and traditions dictated by the Venetian school, stands out for its distinctive fragrance and pink colour, besides its extraordinary sweetness and delicate aroma. Its unique taste and softness make it a world-renowned gourmet food specialty.

This three-day event, organized by the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Veneto Ham in collaboration with the beverage company Ferrowine, give visitors the opportunity to taste delicious Veneto ham along with Brazzale cheese and melon, all paired with a glass of excellent beer or wine.

Event calendar:
• Thursday July 29th — stands open from 6 pm to midnight
• Friday July 30th – stands open from 11 am to midnight;
live music entertainment from 7 pm to midnight with
“Mixer Chef Luciano Gaggia”
• Saturday July 31st – stands open from 11 am to midnight





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