Un Mare di Luci

Un Mare di Luci

Let yourself be enchanted by the magical Christmas of Jesolo!

Dal 20/11/21 al 09/01/22

Location: Jesolo

Christmas is the feast of light, which transforms the city into an enchanted place and takes everyone back to their childhood in an atmosphere of joy created also by Christmas lights: an evocative tradition that returns to Jesolo, with “A Sea of Lights”.

From 20 to 28 November, revolving around the the theme of ice, the city will gradually dress up in blue and white, as if many small candles were lit, one by one. Switch-on calendar: from 20 November, all the Christmas lights will be switched on; from 27 November, the Christmas trees will be lit up, except those of Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Aurora; from 28 November the Christmas trees of Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Aurora switch on, with the inauguration of the “Christmas Village”.

The custom dates back to the times when Christmas trees were decorated with candles to symbolise the light of Christ. Throughout Christianity, the Christmas lights have continued to represent the concept of Jesus as the light of the world. These candles inspired the use of Christmas lights. They are a sign of devotion, which expresses the will to welcome light into one’s home and offer it to the outside for everyone to see and enjoy during magical and joyful nights.





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