Let yourself be blown away by Europe’s longest pedestrian area. Strolling along the 13 kilometres of uninterrupted shops where you can admire the enchanting beauty of Italian fashion is one of the most charming experiences available to you in Jesolo!

The pedestrian area starts from Piazza Primo Maggio and finishes at the end of the immense Via Bafile, a wonderful sight that stretches further than your eyes can see. If you look to the right, you can admire Venice, if you look left you can see the luxuriant and vibrant Venetian countryside, and head on you will see a kaleidoscope of voices, perfumes and sensations that overtake you.

1200 shops with their seductive window displays are waiting to give you the best of Made in Italy and Fashion Design, in a kind of shopping centre that came about and grew “naturally”, where you can find exactly what you are looking for. From lighting effects to fragrant essences, in this pedestrian area you will discover Jesolo’s fashionable and trendy side.

During the warm summer evenings, there is nothing better than an after-dinner walk along this fascinating shopping street to make the most of Jesolo’s immersive vibrancy. Big brands can be found together with craft workshops, restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours.