When organising a holiday, one of the biggest dilemmas is what to do with your pets: some people leave them with relatives and friends, some take them to kennels, and there are those who just can’t bear to be separated from them.

Jesolo had these last group of people in mind when creating the Jesolo Pet Club, a network of services designed to welcome your four-legged friends in the best way possible. The facilities participating in the programme provide animals with some free services such as bowls, dry food and sanitary bags; and offer other services at a fee such as specialised veterinary checks or dog sitting/walking.

But there’s more: Jesolo is home to Bau Bau Beach, a fully equipped beach for pets, complete with their own private section of the sea!

But what should you do if your accommodation is too far from this beach? Not to worry, we have thought of everything! There are stops in front of the facilities forming part of the Pet Club, where there is a free shuttle available that will take you to Bau Bau Beach in complete comfort, where you can have fun with your four-legged friend in a carefree and safe manner.

In recent years, more and more bars and restaurants are joining the Pet Club and will always have a bowl of fresh water and other little treats for your special travelling companion, making your holiday truly unique!

  • Welcome gift on arrival at the hotel
  • Bowl, water and dry food
  • Sanitary bags
  • Floor mat, bed and cushion
  • Accommodation in rooms complete with terrace
  • Free shuttle to Bau Bau Beach
  • 20% discount for Bau Bau Beach
  • Veterinarian
  • Dog sitting
  • Cleaning products
  • Dog trainer

Bau Bau Beach

Bau Bau Beach is the first Italian family beach designed to provide a dedicated open space for our four-legged friends, where children can also play safely whilst under the reassuring watch of expert lifeguards and highly qualified staff.

More than 240 reserved spaces, services dedicated to animals, the possibility of nutritional assistance and specific training courses make this the best beach of this kind in Italy.

Over the past ten years of business, thanks to recommendations from our guests the offer has evolved to cater for new trends, to allow for a new type of alternative holiday, in harmony with your pets for both an exciting and relaxing experience. Discover all the services on offer for you and your four-legged friend:



  • A 180 cm lead Bowls for food/water
  • Stretch of water dedicated to bathing
  • Agility course with toys
  • Shaded area for resting
  • Dedicated rinsing tubs
  • Ample space for movement on the beach
  • VIP area


  • 56 completely accessible reserved spaces
  • Hygiene facilities
  • Hot shower
  • Rescue service
  • Gym area
  • Children’s area
  • Changing rooms
  • Wi-Fi