Jesolo is traditionally known as one of the most well equipped beaches of the Veneto region and the whole Adriatic coast. It is famous both for the quality of the sea and shoreline, but also for the guaranteed peacefulness offered to guests.

The sea is a clean and safe environment thanks to the shallow, crystalline waters. Every year it is awarded the Blue Flag (for the cleanest sea) and the Green Flag (as one of the best child-friendly beaches). All resorts are equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities, and provide excellent service from expertly qualified staff.

Guaranteed safety for bathers is another aspect that makes this beach one of the best. Attendants keep watch while you relax, they check the shoreline and are there to help if there should be any problems, while you have fun on the beach or relax with a long swim.

Jesolo is a city that cares about the heart. Rapid rescue for those suffering from a heart attack is guaranteed, with 98 defibrillators situated along the coast, and several maps all along the Lido which show the network of life-saving devices in the area.

In short, Jesolo beach is a guarantee of clean sea, excellent facilities and absolute safety, book your place on the beach now and start your holiday!

With your family, partner or friends, the beach of Jesolo will welcome you!

An unparalled landscape made of water and land, to explore by walk or bike.

At any time and for every ages, the City Beach offers you a world of fun and opportunities.

History and culture, architecture and design, blend together between the sea and the lagoon.

The meeting between lagoon, sea, land and rivers makes a unique and amazing cooking.

Walk around the city and discover the sparkling shop windows of the longest shopping street of Europe.

Organise your dream wedding!

Dynamism, energy, strenght: here’s the city of sports and events.