The history of Jesolo is age-old, but unfortunately only a few antique relics have been preserved intact, due to the nature of the terrain and the frequent flooding of the lagoon. Nevertheless, Jesolo still has some hidden gems to visit. Find out more:


“Vidotto” Historical Military Museum

Museum that displays 20th century historical-military memorabilia. One of the most tragic and glorious episodes of Italian history took place on the banks of the Piave. Relive those feelings and emotions of over 100 years ago.



The civic museum is spread over five floors for a total of 4,200 square meters of surface, inside a building with a fascinating architectural structure; built to host various exhibitions, some of which are permanent, it is also designed to accommodate large works and finds; it also has a wonderful panoramic terrace perfect for events and shows.

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Paleo-Christian mosaics of Jesolo

The mosaic remains that were discovered in the 60s and carefully restored are on display for free at the Info Point in Piazza Brescia, in the centre of Lido di Jesolo. An absolute must-see during your stay in Jesolo.

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Museum of the Reclamation of San Donà di Piave

A museum that tells the story of the war fought by the lagoon’s inhabitants in reclaiming land from the water to cultivate and build on. This museum also has an extensive specialist library, with over 11,000 volumes dedicated to the agricultural and cultural history of the area.



Via dei Forti

Historical-cultural path that links several fortifications in Cavallino-Treporti, including the Amalfi Battery and the Pisani Battery. A piece of our history and cultural heritage on the way to Punta Sabbioni, from which you can embark towards Venice.

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Piave Vecchia lighthouse

The lighthouse overlooks the mouth of the Sile river, at the point that divides Jesolo from Cavallino Treporti. 48 meters high, with black and white stripes, you can reach its top and enjoy a fantastic view from above.

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Esterno della biblioteca di Jesolo

Jesolo Public Library

A vast library containing more than 30,000 books. It has two reading rooms, a common room for young people, a multi-purpose hall and 135 reading spots.

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Antiche Mura (Ancient Walls) Archaeological Area

The area, where the church of Santa Maria Assunta once stood, has been the subject of numerous studies since the nineteenth century. The priceless remains that emerged from the area were severely damaged by both world wars, but can still be visited.

Torre Caligo

This tower was located on the banks of the Caligo canal, hence its name. The building dates back to the 9th century A.D. and was probably built on the ruins of an earlier monument from the Imperial Era. The tower was used to defend the lagoon, but also to collect toll payments for goods that were transported along the channel. Only the base remains visible.

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An unparalled landscape made of water and land, to explore by walk or bike.

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History and culture, architecture and design, blend together between the sea and the lagoon.

The meeting between lagoon, sea, land and rivers makes a unique and amazing cooking.

Walk around the city and discover the sparkling shop windows of the longest shopping street of Europe.

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