Italy is by definition the country of food and wine: Italian cuisine is considered the best and healthiest throughout the world, also thanks to the more than 5000 recognized typical products, which give the dishes an absolutely unique flavor and taste.

To give you the opportunity to try the best gastronomic specialties of our territory, this section has been created, in which you will find a list of places, in Jesolo and surroundings, recognized as culinary excellence by the main guides of the different categories.

Here are presented not only the best restaurants, but also all the other forms of Italian gastronomy, such as taverns, pizzerias and pastry shops, to allow you to always go without fail and savor every moment of your holiday in the best way.

There is Trip Advisor, there are guides and then there is you. Tell us your favorite restaurant, pizzeria, ice cream parlor and pastry shop in Jesolo here. Your advice will be useful for everyone!

The list we propose is divided according to the guides, presented at the beginning of the section. What are you waiting for? Choose the place that inspires you the most!

Michelin Guide Italy

Now in its 65th edition in 2020: in all the stars in Italy reach 374. There are 328 restaurants with “high quality cuisine, which deserves the stop”, of which 30 new entries.

Ristorante Da Guido

Da Guido (1 piatto)

Via Roma Sinistra 25 – Jesolo (VE)


“L’Espresso” Guide

Now in its 42nd edition in 2020, it takes into consideration 2,000 restaurants ranging from the starred category to taverns, pizzerias, quality ethnic restaurants.

Ristorante Da Guido

Da Guido (1 cappello)

Via Roma Sinistra 25 – Jesolo (VE)


Enoteca Zona d'ombra

Zona D’ombra (1 cappello)

Piazza 1° maggio, 17 – Jesolo (VE)


Guide to Hotels and Restaurants of Italy by Touring Club Italiano

Now in its 27th edition in 2020, the Hotels and Restaurants of Italy guide presents a reasoned and, as always, updated overview of the country’s hospitality and catering.

Ristorante Da Guido

Da Guido

Via Roma Sinistra 25 – Jesolo (VE)


Ristorante Alfredo


Largo Tempini 13 – Lido Jesolo (VE)


Grifone, interno sala da ristorante


Via Oriente 38 – Lido di Jesolo (VE)


Alla Darsena, interno sala ristorante con fiori decorativi

Alla Darsena

Via Oriente 166 – Lido di Jesolo, località Jesolo Pineta (VE)


La Taverna, interno sala ristorante

La Taverna

Via Amba Alagi 11 – Jesolo, Località Cortellazzo (VE)


Stiefel tavolo da pranzo


Via dei Mille 65 – Lido di Jesolo (VE)

+390421971495 – +393929363391

Locanda alle Porte 1632 vista esterna del ristorante

Locanda alle Porte 1632

Via Cristo Re 43/44 – Lido di Jesolo, località Cavallino (VE)


Gambero Rosso Restaurant Guide of Italy

The restaurant guide turns 30 in 2020. There are 2,682 reviews of businesses tested “in the field” among restaurants, trattorias, wine bars, breweries and ethnic clubs with 215 new products. Whether it is traditional or innovative or exotic cuisine, the lowest common denominator is quality, a value that makes the Guide an irreplaceable and precious reference both for gourmet enthusiasts and for those who use it as a service or simply curious.

Gambero Rosso Italian Pastry and Pastry Chef Guide.

In 2020 it reaches its ninth edition and signals the greatest pastry chefs in Italy. A snapshot of the state of the art of Italian pastry, the result is a collection of 580 addresses with marks indicated in hundredths divided between Pastry, Service and Environment which represent the best examples of high Italian craftsmanship.

Pasticceria Pinel

Pinel (1 torta)

Via Giuseppe Giusti, 6 – Jesolo (VE)


Gambero Rosso Pizzerias of Italy

The 2020 edition features 710 addresses (more than 100 new features compared to the previous edition) including an appendix of about 60 of the best Italian pizzerias in the world; all to tell a sector that grows and renews itself, in the professional figures and in the continuous search for excellent raw materials.

Pizzeria Capri

Pizzeria Capri

P.zza F. De Santis, 9 – Jesolo (VE)


Stiefel tavolo da pranzo


Via dei Mille 65 – Lido di Jesolo (VE)

+390421971495 – +393929363391

Restaurants with vegan menus

Jesolo’s tourist vocation has always been to be the ideal location for everyone, both on the seashore and at the table. It is therefore natural that, following the needs of their guests, more and more restaurants offer a vegetarian menu to their customers. Some restaurants have done more, also specializing on vegan products and menu offers, to bring delicate and tasty flavors to the table. Here a selection.



(Ristorante vegetariano con opzioni vegane)

Via A Bafile 290, 30016, Lido di Jesolo,


Pizzeria Capri

Pizzeria Capri

(Pizzeria con menù vegetariano con opzioni vegane)

Piazza De Santis 9, 30017, Lido di Jesolo


Il magazzino delle scope

Il Magazzino delle Scope

(Ristorante vegetariano con opzioni vegane)

Via Ugo Foscolo 61, 30016, Jesolo


Pizzeria Corso


(Pizzeria con menù vegetariano con opzioni vegane)

Via Mameli, 18, 30016, Jesolo


Wine bars in Jesolo



Piazza G.Carducci 26 Jesolo

+39388 328 0264

Enoteca Caveau

Caveau Wine and Dine

Via U. Foscolo, 53 – Jesolo (VE)


La corte dei baroni

La corte dei baroni

Via Ugo foscolo, 82 Lido Di Iesolo, Veneto, Italy

+39329 965 7503

Marina club

Marina club

Via Roma Destra 120/b Jesolo (VE)

+390421 370645



Via C. Battisti, 9 Jesolo (VE)


Enoteca Zona d'ombra

Zona d’ombra

Piazza I Maggio, 16 Jesolo (VE)

+390421 951351



(solo vendita)

Jesolo Lido (VE) – Piazza Drago 20

+390421 011350 

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