Jesolo is the place where land, sea and sky merge, giving rise to suggestive and unforgettable landscapes.

The Beach City is literally surrounded by water. It is located along the Venetian coastal road, the fluvial communication route built by the Republic of Venice, which extends into the lagoon and is crossed by the rivers Sile and Piave that shape the area, offering unique landscapes and breathtaking sunsets.

Following the coastal road to Venice is an exciting experience, crossing natural channels, man-made waterways, rivers and lagoon, that all make for a world-famous landscape.

There are several ways in which to explore the area: using your own boat, which however must be equipped with a specific licence plate or by renting a boat.

The water way is accessible using various means – mainly canoes, rowing boats or small engine boats – and is equipped with genuine river and lagoon signals that direct traffic flows. These can be quite intense, especially during the summer season.

You can even reach Jesolo from the Po valley, starting from Mantua and using the course of the Po to enter the lagoon. An unusual holiday, cradled by the sounds and fragrances of nature.

What is the best way to discover all the feelings a trip on the rivers and channels of Jesolo can give you? Experience them!