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Restricted traffic areas – ZTL

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To ensure traffic safety and mobility, pollution prevention, and pedestrian safety, the Jesolo City Council has decided to adopt traffic restriction measures again for 2022 in those areas most affected by the number of tourists.

The ZTL will be effective from 26 May to 18 September 2022
Hours in force: 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. of the following day.

Pedestrians can freely access the entire roadbed, including the road itself, but excluding, where present, the bike lane.

The circulation and parking of vehicles are prohibited in Restricted Traffic Areas, as cited in Legislative Decree No. 285 of 30 April 1992, Articles 46 and 47.

When the Restricted Traffic Areas are in effect, all vehicles parked on the streets and in squares mentioned below shall be removed by the parties concerned no later than the scheduled starting time for that specific Restricted Traffic Area.

Incoming guests and tourists staying in the restricted traffic area must have the prescribed permits for subsequent transits.

Areas covered by the ZTL – Restricted Traffic Areas

  • Via Dante Alighieri (the stretch from Via G. Gozzi to Piazza Marconi)
  • Piazza Manzoni (the stretch from Via D. Alighieri to Via D. Alighieri)
  • Via Andrea Bafile (including the section of road in Piazza Brescia at the same)
  • Piazzetta Carducci (the stretch from Via Bafile to Via Bafile)
  • Piazza G. Mazzini, with the exclusion of pedestrian areas
  • Via Nievo, the stretch between Via Vicenza and Piazza G. Mazzini, Maxim corner
  • Via A. Aleardi, from the intersection with Piazza G. Mazzini-Via A. Bafile to the intersection with Via Vicenza
  • Via S. Trentin
  • Piazza Aurora (central section)
  • Via U. Foscolo
  • Piazza Marina
  • Via G. Verdi
  • Via Dei Mille
  • Via Levantina, the stretch between Via Olanda and Piazza Milano
  • Piazza Milano
  • Via Altinate
  • Via G. Mameli, in the section between Piazza Marconi and Piazza Pompilio Verago

  Ordinance No. 53/2022 – Establishment of Restricted Traffic Zones (in Italian)

For information

Local Police Headquarters
Jesolo City Hall
11 Via S. Antonio  (1st floor)
Phone 0421 359190
Fax 0421 359175

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