Choose Jesolo for a holiday of relaxation, entertainment and sport. Lots of areas and many ways to keep both your body and mind in shape during your free time.

The “City Beach” offers many opportunities for fun and entertainment, all in the open air and in close contact with the sea. You can regenerate your body and mind with some physical activities, taking advantage of numerous facilities along the infinite beach. You can take part in numerous activities organised by bathing resorts on the shore, such as beach volleyball, beach football, beach tennis and gymnastics, managed by expert instructors available to help you with specific training.

Water sports are the highlight of what Jesolo has to offer in terms of sports. Over the years, more and more resorts are offering exclusive entertainment to guests, such as waterscooting and paraflying, together with classics such as swimming and diving lessons, or the opportunity to experience surfing or sailing.

The biggest venues for practising sport are found in the city centre. There are plenty of football fields and tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. There are 200 swimming pools throughout the whole of Jesolo, so you don’t have to go without a swim even if the weather is bad.

There are two features that you will not find in other Italian seaside resorts: Jesolo is home to a fantastic Go Kart track and a magnificent golf course, for trying out new experiences or rediscovering old passions.

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Jesolo is a city that cares about sport, good health and well-being, as shown by the numerous Beauty & Wellness centres where you can relax and be pampered with massages, saunas and swimming pools, all just a stone’s throw away from the sea.

If your idea of having had a good holiday is returning home relaxed and in good shape, then let yourself be guided by the regeneration practices and mental training experts in the wellness centres that, combined with a good diet, will make your holiday unforgettable for your body and mind.