The meeting between lagoon, sea, land and rivers makes a unique and amazing cooking. Let yourself be tempted by the traditional dishes and the innovative recipes, accompagnied by delicious wines. Jesolo, an unparalled taste.

The City Beach is characterized by a unique offer from the culinary point of view, given that in this place the fusion between the mainland and the fluvial, marine and lagoon environment gives rise to four different types of cuisine, each with its own peculiarities but all characterized from unique and traditional tastes.

The locality maintains a strong relationship with Venetian cuisine, through the jealous passage from generation to generation of the most typical recipes, but has also opened up to fusion experiments, offering a combination that draws the best from national and international cuisine.

These tasty dishes can only be savored with an excellent glass of wine of the territory, thus appreciating the wine tradition of the area which represents a rich resource, both economic and tourist one. The Veneto region alone currently boasts 14 DOCGs, 28 PDOs and 10 IGTs, including Amarone della Valpolicella, Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano Valdobbiadene and the classic Soave.

The history of Venetian wines find its origins in Ancient Rome, and passes through the Middle Ages and the Serenissima Republic of Venice. A thousand-year evolution of agricultural techniques and taste, which has led the region to boast the 14 DOCG, 28 DOC and 10 IGT we mentioned above.

But what do these acronyms mean? DOC stands for Denomination of Controlled Origin, and indicates that the wine was produced only with the grapes of a specific territory, and must respond to specific chemical and organoleptic characteristics, set within the regulations provided. After 10 years, a DOC can become DOCG, that is Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin, by passing a specific exam and meeting even more stringent requirements. IGT indicates instead Typical Geographical Indication, and it refers to a specific production area, which can be quite extensive, but delimited by regional borders. All acronyms state high quality guarantee and certification for the wines.

Piave DOC is one of the typical products of the Jesolo area, to which 6 traditional products are added: Venetian pears, white peaches from Venice, Barena honey, fish products from the Venetian fishing valleys and corn flour Pearl White.

Start your food and wine excursion at the restaurants, bistros and wine bars in Jesolo, and taste all the nuances of the unique taste of Jesolo and its territory.

Features of the territory

Jesolo’s cuisine develops with characteristics based on the territorial areas in which the dishes are prepared. The specific peculiarities, as a whole, enhance the culinary tradition of the city:

With your family, partner or friends, the beach of Jesolo will welcome you!

An unparalled landscape made of water and land, to explore by walk or bike.

At any time and for every ages, the City Beach offers you a world of fun and opportunities.

History and culture, architecture and design, blend together between the sea and the lagoon.

The meeting between lagoon, sea, land and rivers makes a unique and amazing cooking.

Walk around the city and discover the sparkling shop windows of the longest shopping street of Europe.

Organise your dream wedding!

Dynamism, energy, strenght: here’s the city of sports and events.