Italy is famous worldwide for its cuisine, thanks to the quality of the ingredients, the sophisticated recipes and the diversity in traditions that mean you can taste local food that is completely different from a few kilometres away.

Jesolo is a perfect example of this trend. The fusion between the mainland and river environment, marine and lagoon, lead to four types of very different cuisine, all with different distinctive features but characterised by unique and traditional flavours.

Dettaglio sulla mani in un momento di pesca

The town has a strong relationship with Venetian cuisine, as evidenced by the fact that recipes are closely guarded and handed down from generation to generation. However, in recent years there has also been experimentation with international and ethnic cuisine, with some restaurants offering an interesting fusion of the most significant aspects of both local traditions and international favourites.

Jesolo’s specialities are all made with traceable ingredients. The fish is fresh from the sea and rivers, and other typical products come from Jesolo’s countryside, allowing you to taste real and delicious local products.

Combine typical dishes with an excellent glass of local wine, and admire the wine-making tradition that has always characterised the area and that represents both an economic and tourist resource.

13 varieties of wine have been recognised as local excellences and have been certified DOC and DOCG. Among these, the native Raboso grape stands out, producing a red DOC wine which is vividly tannic, as well as the white and grey variants of Pinot which have a generous taste and floral aromas.

The wines of the area blend wonderfully with traditional Veneto dishes, creating absolutely unmissable taste associations!

Eat Jesolo came about to promote the food and wine of this area and is an initiative dedicated to those who want to discover cultural and traditional values through local food, tasting the wide range of food and wine heritage that the area has to offer, both through producers and local restaurateurs.


We have seen that the characteristics of Jesolo’s cuisine are based on the geographical areas in which the dishes are prepared. Together, these unique features enhance the culinary tradition of the city: