Italy has always been the destination for cultural trips, thanks to the fact that around 60% of the world’s art is preserved on its territory.

Many visitors of the Lagoon therefore look to returning home richer, both in their bodies and in their minds, having learned something from the sights admired in magnificent cities: Venice, but not just Venice.

As seen in the dedicated section,  Jesolo also possesses an artistic patrimony and history worth taking a look at, when you are not taking a dip in the sea or going on an adventure.

The number of cultural events held each year is testimony to how important it is to enrich the mind. There is something for everyone, from art, music, theatre and shows.

If you are passionate about history you will already know that Jesolo was one of the scenes of fighting during the First World War. Historical re-enactments are put on every spring, reminding us of a period so tragic yet so important for the life of our nation.