Jesolo is the destination for your camping holiday in a caravan or tent!

Camping is an adventurous way to discover Jesolo’s beach and simultaneously surround yourself in the nature of the lagoon, with the most modern comforts to make your holiday unforgettable.

Jesolo’s campsites are genuine tourist resorts where you can experience this city on the Adriatic Coast with freedom and independence.

This type of holiday ensures entertainment all round and is a popular choice among young people. It is also a suitable option for families who want to be at one with nature, and for those who love walking and cycling – the campsite can be the starting point for all excursions.

Choosing a camping holiday takes you to another dimension: closer to nature, more relaxed and flexible, without sacrificing the entertainment side, with shows and activities for both adults and children and the possibility to relax on the beach and at the pool.

Discover which Jesolo campsite best suits your needs!