Sculture di sabbia 2022: “L’ordine dei mondi”

Sculture di sabbia 2022: “L’ordine dei mondi”

Sculture di sabbia 2022: “L’ordine dei mondi”


Dal 04/06/22 al 25/09/22

Location: Jesolo

The Order of the Worlds” is the title of the 24th Sand Sculpture Exhibition, dedicated to the heroes of classical mythology.

Three monumental sculptures are molded by the skilled hands of sand artists from all over the world. They are set up in Piazza Brescia and tell the story of the great Greek myths: Zeus on Mount Olympus, Poseidon and his contest with Athena, and Hades on the throne of the underworld.

The exhibition is open to visitors from Saturday, 4 June, to Sunday, 9 october 2022.
Free admission.

… exciting stories come to life thanks to the large works in sand!

The sculptors and their works
The project is coordinated by artistic director Richard Varano who is also responsible for the famous Jesolo Sand Nativity.
Varano is an international award-winning sand artist who has been a professional sand sculptor since the 1980s.

The roster of sculptors consists of internationally renowned artists who model sand and other materials, participating in projects and competitions worldwide.
In 2018, some team members helped create the Nativity in St. Peter’s Square and donated it to Pope Francis.

Dutch artist Susanne Ruseler and Canadian artist David Ducharme have brought the Myth of Poseidon and the Underwater World to life.
Their work will depict the battle between Poseidon and Athena that culminates in Athena’s victory, giving the city peace and prosperity, as symbolized by the olive tree.

The Myth of Zeus, ruler of Olympus and God of Heaven, is sculpted by Czech artist Radovan Zivney and Polish artist Slava Borecki.

Portuguese Pedro Mira and Jakub Zimacek, an artist from the Czech Republic, depict the Myth of Hades on the throne of the underworld. Behind him is Charon ferrying the dead through the gate to the underworld.

The sculpting will take place from 15 to 28 May.

The Story
According to Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of all gods and rules the world from Mount Olympus.
Zeus is the youngest son of Rhea and the Titan Kronos. Fearing he would be ousted from the throne, Kronos devours all but his youngest child, Zeus, who manages to escape this tragic fate with the help of his mother, who makes her husband swallow a stone instead of the baby, which she has hidden. Once an adult, he has his father reject all his siblings. Then, along with the Cyclopes, he begins a battle with all the Titans. Once they are defeated, Zeus divides the world into three kingdoms. He will rule Mount Olympus, the heavens, and the air. He entrusts dominion over the waters to his brother Poseidon and the realm of the underworld to Hades.

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