Accordi Disaccordi in concerto

Accordi Disaccordi in concerto

Piazza Milano, h 21.10

Dal 05/07/22 al 05/07/22

Location: Jesolo

The hot Italian swing band

Great music is expected on Tuesday, 5 July, in Piazza Milano with the band Accordi Disaccordi, particularly renowned on the national and international swing scenes.

Accordi e Disaccordi focuses mainly on a gypsy jazz repertoire, revisiting musical classics in a modern key. Jazz, swing, blues, and traditional music are also in the mix, with acoustic sounds and a cinematographic flavor to create intriguing personal interpretations of the songs played.

The trio was formed in early 2012 with Alessandro Di Virgilio (lead guitar), the group’s composer and producer of its many original songs; Dario Berlucchi (guitarist), the band’s composer and rhythm section; and Dario Scopesi (double bass), keeps the group’s beat in the groove for each song.

The concert starts at 9.10 p.m.
Free admission





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