Jesolo is the ideal destination holiday destination, thanks to its infinite beach, closeness to Venice and countless facilities suitable for everyone, even those with particular needs.

At the same time, Jesolo is also loved for another reason – its numerous bars and nightclubs that come alive at sunset, for fun and enjoyment that continues until dawn.

After a relaxing day spent on the beach you will not want to miss a spritz or happy hour, with music from some of the best international artists playing in the most beautiful bars and nightclubs on the coast of Jesolo.

You will be won over by the music on offer in Jesolo. There is something to suit everyone, thanks to the kaleidoscope of colours and sounds you will be immersed in.

In short, when the sun starts to set and the alternative and unconventional side of Jesolo awakens, cultural and linguistic differences fade and give way to a universal language of music, fun and enjoyment lasting until dawn, in the company of VIP guests and world-famous DJs.

Discover what is on offer with the best nightclubs: