Orchestra Enrico Marchiante

Orchestra Enrico Marchiante

Estate 2022

Dal 09/06/22 al 17/08/22

Location: Jesolo


The Marchiante Orchestra brings its dance music to the piazzas of Jesolo.

Show calendar:

  • Thursday, 4 August – Piazza Aurora
  • Wednesday, 17 August – Piazza Torino

The concert starts at 9:00 p.m.

After various experiences as a lead vocalist, the young Venetian musician Enrico Marchiante formed his self-titled orchestra in 2003, reinvigorating the world of dance music.
The Marchiante Orchestra has performed at the most important tourist resorts and the most beautiful theaters in Italy, entertaining people of all ages with songs from the ‘60s plus contemporary Italian, international, disco, and Latin American group dance songs.





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