Raìse in concerto – standard jazz –

Raìse in concerto – standard jazz –

Piazza Milano, h 21.00

Dal 24/06/22 al 24/06/22

Location: Jesolo

Gypsy-style music has found a home in the notes of the group Les Trois PairesAcustico performing in Jesolo’s piazzas.
The show offers audiences and listeners a musical journey into the fascinating world of acoustic guitar.
Their repertoire is inspired by such fingerpicking and fingerstyle masters as Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Fix, and Andrea Valeri. Inevitably, they pay tribute to the great Django Reinhardt as a juxtaposition between a past rich in history, music, and color as well as a present still devoted to enduring traditions.

  • Tuesday 28 June – Piazza Marconi
  • Friday 15 July – Piazza Carducci
  • Monday 25 July – Piazza Nember
  • Tuesday, 26 July – Piazza Milano
  • Wednesday 10 August – Piazza Torino
  • Friday 19 August – Piazza Rivo Alto

Concerts start at 9:10 p.m. – Free admission.


LES TROIS PAIRES is a musical group offering gypsy-style music.
The newly-formed trio uses only acoustic instruments: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass or double bass.
On lead guitar is Tommaso Doglia, a 22-year-old described as genuinely talented in fingerpicking and fingerstyle. He is accompanied by two musicians with fifty years of experience: Giorgio D’Arsiè on rhythm guitar and Vincenzo Vizzini on bass and double bass.
For the occasion, the trio will be joined by other band members:
Giorgia Vianello, an indisputably talented jazz singer;
Ilaria Mariuzzo, a conservatory-trained violinist; and
Paolo Ganz, recognized as one of Italy’s first blues-harp masters.





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