Rassegna Sile Jazz

Rassegna Sile Jazz

Parco dei Cigni, h 21

Dal 16/07/22 al 16/07/22

Location: Jesolo

“Sile Jazz,” the “greenest” festival in the Veneto region, returns to Jesolo!
The environmentally-friendly music festival lands at the Parco Dei Cigni on Saturday, 16 July 2022, with a concert by the Claudio Fasoli Next Quartet.
CLAUDIO FASOLI – tenor saxophone and soprano
SIMONE MASSARON – electric guitar
TITO MANGIALAJO – double bass

The concert starts at 9 p.m.

The music festival makes a stop in Jesolo for the second time, but the event itself has already reached its 11 edition.
Sile Jazz is a way to discover and rediscover the places along the Sile River and its tributaries and explore jazz music and the contemporary jazz scene.
The eleventh edition is tinted green as it continues to focus on the environment and sustainability, the search for greater ethical-environmental awareness, and attention to the supply chain of local producers and operators.

In case of rain, the concert will be held at the Cinema Teatro Vivaldi, within the capacity allowed by law.


Tickets online at OOOH.Events – 2.00 euro
On-site tickets – 3 euro
All proceeds will be reinvested in local environmental actions.

For more information
tel. 327 4610693
E-mail: info@silejazz.com

Go to the complete program.

 Source: City of Jesolo Communications Office
e-mail: comunicazione@comune.jesolo.ve.it





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