Sculture di sabbia 2021: Darwin torna in città

Sculture di sabbia 2021: Darwin torna in città

Tornano le tradizionali sculture di sabbia di Piazza Brescia!

Dal 05/06/21 al 26/09/21

Location: Jesolo

Exhibition of sand sculptures 2021: “Darwin comes back to town”

Humanity leaves space to nature

Raccoons in the Central Park of New York, deer in London’s suburbs, dolphins in the canal Grande of Venice, the immense and unstoppable force of nature reclaims the spaces of earth, where mankind is left out of protection, animals come out, scour the usually people filled places with curiosity and natural instinct that leads to interlace their lives with ours in an inescapable process.

This year’s edition of sculptures shows this vision: celebrating the new found centre of nature in this historic moment which invites for a new alliance.

The artists which own the ability to interpret the living of time, show a scenery of animals as main actors in the urban environment taking usage of human buildings with kind of irony and adaptability.





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